Exercise Routine To Get Fit In 7 Minutes: Fit In 7

Fit in 7 is a free app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which has a set of workouts which will allow you to get in shape by taking out just 7 minutes from your daily life for exercise. Upon launching the app, you see a set of buttons on your screen which will allow you to read the about section of the app, share the app with your friends via the sharing charm built into Windows 8/8.1. View the instructions for performing the exercises or to start the exercises themselves. The app consists of a set of various exercises which will continuously last for 7 minutes and although 7 minutes of exercise non stop can get a bit grueling, rest assured that results will be sweet!

A brief introduction, and the ‘how to’ of this app:

The Main Screen: When you fire it up after installation, the following interface with the options as listed below each button visible in the screenshot below.

Fit in 7 main screen

Let’s say that you want to read the instructions for performing the set of exercises in the app. Simply click on the Instructions button to do so.

Instructions: When you click on this button, you are shown the below interface.

Fit in 7 instructions for exercises

These are nothing, but the instructions will tell you how to perform the exercises in the app with the correct form. It’s best to go through them atleast once if you are attempting the exercises for the first time.

About: This is the about section of the app. Basically just the information of the app and its developers. Nothing much to discuss here.

Fit in 7 about the app

Start Workout: Clicking on this button allows you to start up the set of exercises in the app.

Fit in 7 workout started

All you have to do is to look at the screen and perform the exercises shown for the number of seconds listed at the bottom of the screen. The seconds shown tick down as a countdown timer. You can pause the workout via the pause button at the top right.

Fit in 7 workout paused

You can check out the Home Fitness and Health Mantra fitness apps for Windows 8 and 8.1.


I’ll just conclude by saying that Fit in 7 is one of the best fitness apps that I’ve personally tried out on my Windows 8 device. This app is definitely worth a shot!

I’d rate it a 5 out of 5!

Get Fit in 7.