Free Cookbook App For Windows 8: Your Cookbook

Your Cookbook is a free cookbook app developed for Windows 8 and 8.1 PC. This cookbook app is a really impressive app to manage all your recipes in one place. It helps you in organizing different recipes with different details they consist of.

To add a new recipe in Your Cookbook you will have to right click anywhere on the app screen and then from the menu you can choose Add Recipe. It will take you to another screen where there will be many details displayed for you to fill in about the recipe. In the app you can add details for the recipe like title of the recipe, picture, ingredients, instructions, tags, time, rating, group and chef name. All these details about the recipe can be saved by clicking on the Save icon at the top right of the app screen.

Free Cookbook App

You can access all your recipes from the dashboard after you have saved them. The recipes can be searched within the app depending on the title of the recipe, chef name, ingredients of the recipe, tag and the rating. The results will be displayed in form of large tiles on the search screen. The tile of the recipe displays the picture you have added with the recipe, the name of the chef, the title of the recipe and the description you have given in the chef’s note area.

Cookbook App

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The recipe stored in Your Cookbook app can be exported as a Word document to your local drive; you can also export a backup of it to your drive. The recipe can be printed by using the print feature from the menu on the recipe screen. If you want to add some details to the recipe or modify the recipe then you can do so by clicking on Edit. Recipes in Your Cookbook can also be deleted.

Download Your Cookbook.