Free Baseball App For Windows 8: Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro is a free baseball app which lets you to stay updated about latest baseball news, live scores, follow your favorite baseball teams, etc. The app has a nice overall design to it and allows you to access almost all the baseball news with just a few clicks and taps. The app makes for a good companion on your device if you are travelling and quickly want to know about the happenings of the previous matches.

Main features of Baseball Pro for Windows 8 and 8.1:

After installation of Baseball Pro app you will see the homepage of the app, like the one shown below.

Baseball Pro main screen

You can now see columns of live scores, or you can also choose to view the teams in each of the leagues. You can click on any one of the leagues to see the list of teams in the league, and you can then click on the team name to see the news related to the same. When you click on the American League tile, you will be presented with a screen of the teams as seen in the screenshot below.

Baseball Pro league teams

Similarly, when you click on the National League tile, you see all the teams belonging to the national league under that particular category.

Baseball Pro national league teams

When you click on a particular team name, you will be presented with news pertaining to that team on your screen, and you will also be able to see the standings, etc. The screenshot below shows the news gallery visible.

Baseball Pro news and standings

Clicking on a news item in the News Center will allow you to read the news in a full screen interface. Further scrolling to the right horizontally will allow you to view the team standings, etc. Overall, this app has basically everything that a baseball fan would ever want. It has no ads, and this makes for a great app experience.

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The verdict:

Baseball Pro is a nice app which keeps you updated with all the latest and greatest news and happenings of the baseball world as and when they happen. The app gets frequent updates and even goes so far as to show you the live scores of the ongoing matches along with individual team information via leagues. Overall the app has basically everything which a good baseball app should have, and that is keeping you updated about the news, standings and the score. The app has no ads as well, and there is absolutely nothing else that I would want from a baseball app!

I rate the app a well deserved 4.5 out of 5!

Get Baseball Pro.