Free Arcade Game For Windows 8: Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a free arcade game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Help the soldier to protect his castle from monsters. These monsters are trying to bring down the castle by attacking it. Assist the little soldier to kill the monsters with his bow and arrow. The soldier has more awesome powers, but you have to earn the powers by playing and scoring points. Defend the castle for every wave of monsters, because they don’t stop, they just keep coming.

arcade game for windows 8

How To Install Monster Hunter On Windows 8 Devices:

Download this awesome arcade game for Windows 8 from the Windows App Store. Search for the game’s name in the search bar to find this game. You can also follow the link mentioned at the end of this article. This is a game with very simple, but impressive graphics. The sound effects are also good. You get all of this excitement in just 3.81 MB of size. Click on the Install button on the game page, to download and automatically install this free arcade game for Windows 8.

arcade game for windows 8

How To Play Monster Hunter On Windows 8 Devices:

This arcade game for Windows 8 is not as tough to play as it seems. The gameplay is simple, and gets more exciting and challenging as you move forward with the levels. Click on Start to begin the game. The soldier stands on the left hand side of the game on the castle with a bow and arrows. The wave of monsters appears from the right side of the screen. You have to help the soldier to kill the monsters as they approach the castle. The monsters begin to hit the walls as soon as they reach the castle. You have to kill all the monsters with the arrows before they demolish the castle wall. A bar just besides the castle displays the strength of the wall.

arcade game for windows 8

The game is not boring at all, as there are various types of monsters who approach towards the castle. You score points when you kill a monster. Click the mouse in the direction to aim at the monsters. You can press the mouse for a duration to increase the pull of the arrow.

arcade game for windows 8

After completion of each level, you are awarded with points. In this free arcade game for Windows 8, you can upgrade to various powers with the help of earned coins. Increase the strength of arrows, power, castle walls, and upgrade to new super powers. There’s much more that you can do in this exciting game for Windows 8.

Our Verdict:

This free arcade game for Windows 8 is one of the best games available on Windows App Store, and it does not even occupies much space. The gameplay keeps you hooked to the game, as the powers are really exciting to use. Go ahead, and download Monster Hunter on your Windows 8 device today.