Free Adventure Game For Windows 8: UFO Run#

UFO Run# is a free Adventure Game For Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. An alien has been stranded on our planet. Its crew came down to visit a castle, but it got left out. Now it has to make his way out of the castle and join its team. But the way out is not so easy. There are traps and obstacles everywhere. Help the little alien to exit the castle. To make things simple for you, the alien has a Jetpack. Control the Jetpack to dodge obstacles and traps, and to collect points.

Adventure Game For Windows 8

How To Install UFO Run on Windows 8 Devices:

With a size of just 443 KB, this adventure game for Windows 8 occupies very less space on your computer. Search for the game on the Windows App Store by its name. You can also follow the download link mentioned below after the article ends. Click on the Install button to download the adventure game for Windows 8.

Adventure Game For Windows 8

How To Play UFO Run on Windows 8 Devices:

UFO Run is an endless runner game. The gameplay of this free adventure game for Windows 8 is similar to the famous runner game Jetpack Joyride. As soon as the game starts, the Alien starts running. Click the mouse to activate the jetpack. The jetpack keeps the alien in air for as long as the mouse is pressed. Click to jump and collect the points. These points help you with collecting rewards.

Adventure Game For Windows 8

Keep running thru the complex wall patterns. Watch out for the traps; you die if you hit the trap. Make your way through the castle, and reach as far as you can to make high scores. There’s a red meter at the top of the screen. It shows the life available with the UFO. If you hit minor traps, the health goes down.

Adventure Game For Windows 8

When the game is over, the screen displays the distance traveled in the last game, and the best distance traveled. It also displays the amount of points collected. Your Experience level increases as you play the game. As you move through the levels of this adventure game for Windows 8, the difficulty and the speed increase, which makes the gameplay tough.

Several trophies are provided during the game for various achievements. You can view them all in the trophy section.

Our Verdict:

This awesome adventure game for Windows 8 is one of the best runner games available on Windows App store. With such small size, and great visual and audio quality, this is a game worth downloading.

Download UFO Run# for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers today.