Free App To Browse Flickr On Windows 8: FavouriteMX

FavouriteMX is a free app which allows you to browse the pictures from the online image hosting service Flickr for free on your device. When you launch the device, you will be presented with an interface which allows you to either log in to the app with your Flickr id or allows you to access the public portal of Flickr. In the main interface of the app when you have logged in or chosen to view the public portal, you will be able to view the top rated images of Flickr by other users. Overall, the app has a nice feel to it, and is a great image viewer in all sorts.

FavouriteMX is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of FavouriteMX for Windows 8 and 8.1:

Once the app has been installed and launched on your device, you will be presented with a screen as shown below.

Flickr favorites main screen

As can be seen above, you can either choose to log into the app via the left half of the above screen, or you can also choose to view the publicly available photos in the Flickr world by clicking on the Public button. In both the cases, you will be presented with a similar interface which looks like the below screenshot.

Flickr favorites images

You can see the tiles of highest rated images in the main interface of the app as shown above. The background of the app is not stationary, but it’s a nice smooth fade in slideshow of the images shown on the main interface page. In this interface, you will be able to log in as well via clicking on the icon at the top right. If you are already logged in, clicking on this icon will provide you with an option which allows you to log out of the app. When any of the image tiles is clicked, you will be shown that image in a bigger view as can be seen below.

Flickr favorites image full size

You can click anywhere outside the image which pops up into a larger size to go back to the main screen. The app has no control bars built in, simply because it doesn’t need them in the very first place. The app scores points for beauty, simplicity and being lightweight.

This wraps the major features of FavouriteMX.

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The verdict:

FavouriteMX is a free app for Windows 8 and 8.1 which allows you to browse photos from Flickr on your device. The app has a large collection of beautiful photos which you can access on your device with a mere few clicks. The app also allows you to log in as well as view the public portal of the images which have been up voted by Flickr users. Overall the app has a great deign and a great feel to it!

Get FavouriteMX.