Free Adventure Game for Windows 8: Ocean Run

Ocean Run is a free adventure game for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. The game is very much similar to the famous games Temple run 2 and Subway Surfer. Published by Happy IP, the gameplay and graphics are far better than its competitors. Collect points, solve puzzles, and make high scores on this entertaining game.

Ocean Run (3)

How to Install Ocean Run on Window 8 Devices:

This game is very easily available for Windows 8 and 8.1 devices. To download and install this game, go to the Windows App Store’s search bar, and search for Ocean Run. Click on the install, and this adventure game for Windows 8 will download and install automatically. You may also follow the Download link at the end of this article. The game is compatible on both PCs and tablets, and requires only 21 MB of the devices’ space.

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How to Play Ocean Run on Window 8:

The game is very easy to play and understand. To begin the game, click on the game’s icon from the Start Menu. The home screen of the game will appear. Click on the Play option to start playing. In this free adventure game for Windows 8, you have to surf on the sea bed, save yourself from all the obstacles, and collect all the Sea Horses. To complete a level, collect all the four pieces of the puzzle to complete the puzzle.

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The controls of the game are quite simple. For PCs, the game is controlled by navigation keys. The left and right arrow keys will move the player to left and right directions, respectively. To jump over the obstacle, use the up key, and to slide below the obstacle use down key. For Windows 8 Tablets, swipe the player to the direction in which you want to move it. The more Sea Horses you collect, the more you score. The game gets difficult as you advance through the game. The more you score, the speed of the surfboard increases.

Our Verdict for Ocean Run:

The 3D graphics of this Windows 8 adventure game are pretty awesome. This game is compatible with Xbox 360 controller. The sound effects of the game are pretty decent. There are 30 different levels in this game, so I am sure that you will not get bored with Ocean Run. There are different power upgrade available in this game. With all these advanced features, this game can be very addictive and entertaining.

Download Ocean Run for Windows 8 and 8.1.