File Extractor WinZip In Windows 8

The most popular file extractor, WinZip is all set to seize little memory of Windows 8 as you can easily download and install WinZip in Windows 8. WinZip is the leader in extracting files, compressing files, encrypting files, sharing files, and storing files in backup.

Installing this Zip files freeware in Windows 8 is exactly like it is to install in any other Microsoft’s Windows such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and more. Before jumping up to the downloading process, let me point out some attractive features of this zip file extractor.

Features of this Zip File Extractor —

  • You can compress files
  • You can unzip the zip files, specializes in ZIP archives
  • You can extract files
  • You can share files, store as backup
  • You can encrypt or password protect files
  • WinZip extracts various file types such as RAR, ISO, 7ZIP, TAR, and more..


How To Download and install this File Extractor —

  • Go onto the homepage of the website.
  • Enter you email address in the given box
  • Click on “Download WinZip Now” given
  • Click on the downloaded setup
  • Click on “Evaluation Version”
  • Allow the operating system to install a new software
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Yup…there you are. You can now start extracting files with the software. Go ahead and download this zip file extractor or file extracting freeware.