Earthquake Warning App For Windows 8

Earthquake Warning app for Windows 8 is nice application despite of its confusing name. It will be a nice to make it clear in very beginning that the application is not capable of delivering prior warnings.

Instead, this Windows 8 earthquake app maintains an index for the recent earthquakes that accorded in various parts of this planet. Earthquake Warning application can be easily located under News & Weather / News section in Windows Store.

This Earthquake Windows 8 app is really simple and very lightweight i.e. 118 KB in size. It displays you the maps of the paces where recent earthquake activity happened. For that it utilized proper use of Google maps. In addition you are also provided the geographic coordinates, date & time, magnitude of the earthquake, name of location, and depth.

Features of Earthquake Warning App For Windows 8:

  • Gets updated with every Earthquake
  • Earthquakes of different intensities are highlighted in different colors.
  • Lets you get updates of how deep earthquake occurred and when.
  • Its a free Windows 8 app

The screenshot below shows the interface of Earthquake Warning App For Windows 8.


More about Earthquake Warning App:

There you will find the list of earthquakes that happened recently. You can click on any of the item in that list and the map  placed in the right section with changes accordingly. The detail about that seismic event will also be visible in the section to the right. You can spend some time navigating the areas nearby using the map presented to you.

I was really not aware about the fact that earthquakes happen so quickly in different part of the world. What we hear is news are the big ones and there is hardly anything to discuss about the minors ones. The ones highlighted in red and yellow were high on Richter scale.

If You are expecting to see a long list of earthquakes then that’s not possible. All you can do is to right-click on the interface and select to ‘Refresh’ from the list. Upon refresh the new list will be populated with in front of you with most recent earthquakes and their details.

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The overall impression delivered by the Earthquake Warning app for Windows 8 was good. Still, I do not admire its name. I repeat, It cannot warn you i.e. it only displays the details of recent earthquakes.

Installation of Earthquake Warning App For Windows 8:

You can get it directly from the app store by searching for ‘Earthquake Warning’ or you can open this link in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and proceeding by clicking on ‘View in Windows Store’ button on the page. The installation will complete within seconds.
This Windows 8 Earthquake Warning app can be of great help to students.