Collage Board Windows 8 App

Collage Board Windows 8 app is a combination of sticky notes application and of a collage maker. To be clear, it’s more a note application than a collage App. You can easily locate Collage Board under ‘Productivity’ section in Windows Store.

This free sticky notes app for Windows 8 can be quite helpful for people who desire to stay organized. You can write details of important tasks, appointments, and other information in an easy manner. You can access and manage your notes just by a simple click on start screen.

How To Use Collage Board Windows 8 App

For the first time you will be presented a blank window.

  • To begin, right-click on the screen and soon a horizontal bar will appear in the bottom section of the interface. On the right corner you will be presented the two button ‘Create a Sticky’ and ‘Add Image’. collage-board-interface
  • To add an image click on ‘Add Image’ button after which you will be prompted to select an image stored on your PC. In case, you want to add a sticky note then click on other button and soon a new sticky note will appear on the application window.
  • Repeat the procedure to add desired number of sticky notes. The images and sticky notes can be easily dragged to desired location on the App window.

You might face some difficulty in entering text to the sticky notes entered by you.  Have a look on the procedure for editing text in a sticky note at Collage Board Windows 8 App.

  • Click on the sticky note object or drag it a bit.
  • Then, a cross will appear in the right section and a few colorful squares beneath. On noticing more closely you will find that there is a ‘Pen’ icon above the cross. Click on it, then place cursor on the text region and type/overwrite as per requirement.


* The app seems to have a bug in it. On opening images other than those in ‘Pictures’ library, it simply crashes and keeps crashing.

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  • Open this link in supported browsers like Internet Explorer (10 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (17.0.1 or later).
  • Then click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button.
  • On being redirected to Windows Store, click on ‘Install’ button.

It must be noted that you will not be able to export/save collage images. It can be concluded that Collage Board is a sticky notes app with an added functionality for inserting images. If creating a collage is your only objective the Collage Board app for Windows 8 is not for you.