Better Search Windows 8 App to Search Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask

Better Search Windows 8 app lets you search multiple search-engines simultaneously in a very convenient manner. The advantage of this Windows 8 search application is that it allows you to save a lot of precious times. At present the app supports four search engines; Google Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. The queries made by you are sent to all four search engines and their independent search results are presented to you.

I understand that Google is a very capable Search engine and delivers best search results in a quick and effective manner. Still! there are many scenarios where you might require taking advantage of combined search. Better Search Windows 8 app comes handy in such situations.

Performing Simultaneous Search On Better Search Windows 8 App:

Have a look on the procedure stated below.

  • On launching Better Search Windows 8 app for the first time you will be presented a blank interface with a search box placed on the top-mid section of the window. Better-search-app-for-windows-8
  • The next thing will be to type your query in the textbox and press ‘Enter’ button. On doing so your query will be processed by multiple search and displayed in their respective frames. better-search-app-for-simultaneous-search
  • Now browse fetched result on your favorite search engine. If not satisfied then scroll the horizontal scroll-bar to see results from other search engines.

Pros & Cons:

The one thing that I like about the app is that the results open in same window and you are not redirected to your default browser. The problem with Better Search Windows 8 App is that you cannot go back after clicking on links. This inability of Better Search engine is major disappointment for users.

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  • Open this link in Internet Explorer (10 or later)
  • On the webpage click on ‘ View in Windows Store’ button.
  • Next, click on ‘Install’ button and this 74 KB Windows 8 App will install in seconds.

* Requires access to your Internet connection.

Better Search Windows 8 app to search Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask is a nice attempt, but lacks a few features. The developer must see to that and perform the rectification.