How To Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Background

Here is a short tutorial on how to change Windows 8 lock screen background.

Windows 8 offers different ways to customize the look and feel of your PC or laptop. Whether it is the desktop, the Start Screen, or the Lock Screen – everything can be personalized by using colors, photos, and your favorite apps. We have earlier covered how you can add apps to the Lock Screen to get notifications for some selected apps when the system is locked, today we are going to tell you how you can change the background image of your Windows 8 Lock Screen. These two are the only options available by default in Windows 8 to customize the Lock Screen.

Personalized Lock Screen

Let’s have a step by step look on this.

  • Press Windows key to go to the Stat Screen (If you are not already there).
  • Take your mouse pointer to the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Windows 8 Start Screen Charm would appear. Click on the Settings (last) option.Windows 8 Start Screen Charm
  • This would bring a flyout. Click on Change PC Settings option at the bottom.Change PC Settings option
  • PC Settings screen would appear where you would see many options listed on the left. The Lock Screen tab under the Personalize option is selected by default.
  • Initially it will show a preview of your current Lock Screen background as a big picture. Click on one of the pictures listed as thumbnails below this picture, or click on the Browse button to choose a picture from your local storage to be set as your Lock Screen picture.Windows 8 PC Settings
  • If you click on Browse, a screen would appear to browse and select an image file. Choose the desired picture by clicking on it and click Choose Picture button.Choosing picture from Local storage
  • As soon as you select the picture, that would be set as your new Lock Screen background.

See how simple it is to change the background picture of your Windows 8 Lock Screen? Go ahead and give a personalized look to your Windows 8 Lock Screen now! Have any other idea or suggestion in mind? Do share with us via comments.

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