Animal Sound Box: Free Educational App For Kids To Learn Animal Sounds

Animal Sound Box for Windows 8 is a free, interactive educational app that help kids to recognize animals and the sounds they make. The app is designed basically for kids of 2 to 5 years of age. The free version has a collection of total 39 different animals, birds, and sea creatures, which have been represented as cute cartoons to catch the attention of little kids. Some of them are quite rare and can’t easily be found in near surroundings, such as orca, whale, panda, etc. Therefore, it’s good to have an app like this, which can show how different animals look like and how exactly they sound.

This app is available under the Education category  in Windows Store. You can also get this app by clicking here. There, click on the “View in Windows Store” Button, this opens the app’s page in  Windows Store. Finally click on Install.

AnimalSoundBox interface

Learn Animal Sounds with Animal Sound Box:

When you run the app you’ll get the following screen:

The interface is pretty interesting and colorful, and definitely eye catching. There’s a ribbon at the bottom of the screen that shows thumbnails of all available animals and birds. The selected animal is shown at the center of the screen. Simply click on the animal and you’ll hear its sound. You can switch between the cartoon figure and real figure of the selected animal by clicking on the thumbnail on the bottom right corner (just above the ribbon). To go back and forth between the animals, use left or right headed arrows (as marked in the above screenshot), or you can jump directly to a particular animal using the bottom ribbon and play it’s sound. It’s that easy!

Key Features of  Animal Sound Box:

  • Free Educational app for small kids.
  • Interesting and eye catching UI.
  • Helps kids recognize animals and their sounds.
  • Sounds are very much realistic.
  • Amazing Real life images of animals.
  • Cartoon graphics are very eye soothing.
  • Collection of 30 plus animals.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Also available for iPhone, iPads, and Android mobiles.

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Final Note:

As a Windows 8 educational app, Animal Sound Box is really a good app. It’s easy, fast, interesting, and addictive.  It will keep the children entertained, while teaching them something good they should know. Besides using it as an educational app you can also use it for fun. You can drive your friends and pets crazy with the sounds. The sounds are very much realistic. It is already a huge hit in the mobile market, and the Windows 8 version is equally good. Definitely worth’s a try app.

Get Animal Sound Box here.