4 Best Software For Windows 8 Selected From The Last Week’s Reviewed Ones

Here are 4 Best Software for Windows 8 selected from the last week’s reviewed ones. Yup…once again we are back with our featured post on Windows 8 Software that work absolutely well in the very new Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS.

Well, we actually collect all the possible software that works fine in Windows 8 system and review them for Windows 8 users so that they do not need to explore the whole Internet just to find an appropriate Windows 8 software.

Let me quickly summarize them for you — Dropbox, Internet Download Manager, uTorrent, and KMPLayer. Below given is the brief description about each Windows 8 software.

Lets start with —

Dropbox For Windows 8:

The very popular cloud storage service is now available for Windows 8, as well. Dropbox works superbly awesome in Windows 8 system. Dropbox lets you can paste a doc, a video file, an audio file, or a picture from your computer into the Dropbox folder and access the same from any computer that has Dropbox installed in it. Read the entire post on Dropbox reviewed by us.

Internet Download Manager For Windows 8:

Finally, an Internet Download Manager for Windows 8 is available. Yup..you can organize, manage, and schedule all the downloading files in Windows 8. The software handles the internet downloads, i.e it sorts the downloading files automatically and put them into the right folder. Read more about Internet Download Manager.

uTorrent For Windows 8:

Another popular software worked absolutely well when tested in Windows 8 PC, uTorrent. It is an extremely powerful and efficient BitTorrent client, now available for Windows 8 OS. You can download torrents easily. uTorrent facilitates you with auto-downloading, scheduling downloads, bandwidth prioritization, and the like. uTorrent is basically a peer-to-peer file sharing. Read more about uTorrent for Windows 8 reviewed by us.

You can also take a look over the last week’s Featured one on Windows 8 Software.

Download KMPlayer In Windows 8:

Ending my short post with KMPlayer, a total media player that lets you play both video files and audio files, no matter how complex is the file format. This Windows 8 media player brings you a complete DVD/VCD playback functionality. You can control playback speed of a  media file, apply external filters, change properties of pictures, capture videos, and more. Read more about KMPlayer in Windows 8 to retrieve more info about the same.