ZipSend Dashboard: Windows 8 App To Send Zip Files

ZipSend Dashboard app is a free Windows 8 App for sending bulk mail or you can say, heavy .zip files. You just have to download this app on your Windows 8 system and it will take care of everything.

Just sign up over this .zip file sending app for Windows 8 and create your ZipSend account. All you have to do is to use your own mailing system. And after that, you can share all sort of zipped files and track the right at your desktop. You can send up to 50 MB of .zip files all together. Yes, other email server allows to send around just 25 MB of data. But with the help of ZipSend app for Windows 8, you can send or receive a lot more than that. Check out the interface of the dashboard.


This is how the interface looks like. You just have to sign in and go to your default browser and login into your account. Then, you have to download and install the ZipSend client software and later, you just don’t have to do anything. Because it’s now ZipSend’s responsibility to send your heavy .zip files through your own mailing system.

In addition, you can also track download history of all the files that you have received or sent to others. You can also check who all have downloaded your .zip files and when along with how many times.


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In short, ZipSend is a good utility Windows 8 app to send zip files without going through a browser. Go ahead and download ZipSend Dashboard available under the “Productivity” category in Windows 8 app store.