WordPress.Com: Free Windows 8 WordPress App

WordPress.Com is a free Windows 8 WordPress app where you can browse around the good quality original content extracted from around the globe. This WordPress app for Windows 8 presents all the info right on your computer screen with some really great photography on various topics such as art, travel, food, entertainment, etc.

Many of you might know about WordPress, as it’s quite a successful Content Management System and most of you guys do blogging on that. Well, here is something interesting stuff this WordPress.Com provides you and helps you in your blogging. I came to know with quite interesting things across the world on this little Windows 8 app. This free Windows 8 WordPress app consists of a number of keywords and phrases that redirects you to its original content or blog where you can read in detail.

Windows 8 WordPress App

Take a look over the above given screen shot as it displays how the content is placed on various daily routine topics. The are topics related to various questions like ‘What if Johnny Depp didn’t turn down the role of Jack Dawson in Titanic?’ or ‘What if Ryan Singer did another X-Men instead of Superman Returns?’ There is much of such content which you can re-blog with a WordPress account.

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Windows 8 WordPress App

So, just login with your WordPress account and read those amazing articles and content with beautiful photographs and check out all the new stuff available around the world. Just click on the phrase or follow the content you are reading to know more about the things happen around the globe.

Windows 8 WordPress App

You can continue reading the article here in detail else read it on your default browser. You can also re-bog the content with your own WordPress account and add an edge to your content.

Go ahead and install this Windows 8 WordPress app and start blogging.