WordBook: Dictionary App For Windows 8

WordBook is nice dictionary app for Windows 8. It’s 100% free and has an easy user interface. You can easily locate WordBook under ‘Books & References > Reference’ category in Win 8 App Store. You can easily search for ‘WordBook’ after pressing ‘win + Q’ button in App Store.

There are many other dictionary & thesaurus app for Windows 8 and are quite good. The reason for selecting WordBook is that its lightweight, free, and is easy to use. This Windows 8 dictionary app has been granted a rating of almost 5 stars, which itself speaks about its performance and popularity. The screenshot of WordBook App Overview page has been included below.


Features Of WordBook Dictionary App For Windows 8:

  • Contains above 220,000 definitions and 150,000 entries.
  • 30,000 word origins (etymologies)
  • WordBook includes about 70,000 usage examples.
  • You can hear 150,000 accurate human voice pronunciations.
  • 120,000 IPA (pronunciation guides)
  • Browser-like UI for easy navigation. You can also tap on a word to find its definition.
  • In-built word links and thesaurus

Installing WordBook In Windows 8:

  • Open this link in IE10 and click on ‘View in Windows Store’.
  • To begin, you will require clicking on ‘Install’ button positioned on the top-left section of the interface. The installation procedure will begin and it wont take must time to download and install 16.6 MB installation.
  • Wait a while till ‘Installing WordBook’ status disappears form the top-right section of screen.
  • Now, go to the start screen and click on newly included WordBook logo and soon you’ll be presented the following interface in front of you. WorldBook-free-dictionary-for-windows-8
  • WordBook dictionary app for Windows 8 includes a search box in the right hand side, which can be easily utilized for searching meaning of the words. Your task will be type/paste the word in it. As you type the list of matching words will start populating beneath the textbox. On clicking on a word you will be presented the definitions in the left section. You will also find an audio icon in front of the word; you can click it to hear the pronunciation.
  • You can use either of the three vertical tabs on left section to search for ‘Definitions’, ‘Links’, and ‘Thesaurus’ as per requirement.

* The availability of thesaurus will depend upon the word you queried. For example: In case of a proper nouns the thesaurus tab will be disabled automatically.

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The Final Verdict:

WordBook dictionary Windows 8 app is a must to have on your machine. It must be taken into consideration that it is a general English dictionary i.e. querying for Jargon and technical terms might not help. You can obtain it from Windows Store (Use IE 10 or above).

* The add-free version is available for $1.99 only.