WinLaunch Mac OS X Launchpad For Windows 8

WinLaunch is a Mac OS X Launchpad for Windows that enables you to add files, folders, programs or websites to its screen, thereby creating keyboard shortcuts that can be accessed from anywhere from within the Windows. You can create hotkeys for various daily Internet activities such as shortcut opening a Browser, shortcut for sending a mail to a specific email ID, shortcut to reboot system, and the like..however, you need to set it up manually in such a way that you can use it efficiently.

The added files and folders or the websites are linked to keyboard’s Function Keys, and if you press a Function Key within the Windows, it will quickly launch the program or folder assigned to the corresponding Function Key. Make sure that one Function Key can be assigned with multiple programs or files, or websites, so you can assign unlimited folders to one Function Key.

In addition, you can also create a list of default keyboard shortcuts that will automatically get installed as this Mac OS X Launchpad for Windows 8 get started. Also, the program will get hide in your Pc’s system tray. So, in order to access it once you have installed, just check the system tray and you will find there.

The WinLauch Mac OS X Lauchpad comes up with various amazing features. Let me quickly jot them down.

Features of WinLaunch Mac OS X Launchpad For Windows:

  • Quickly get accessed to all the applications that you use in your day-today life.
  • Option to control the number of screens to access folders or websites
  • Lets you check for updates on Start-Up
  • Beautiful Mac OS X interface
  • Lets you disable the selected shortcuts running instead of removing those completely
  • Availability of bundle of customizing options
  • It uses only the secure websites as keyboard shortcuts.
  • Ready to use for Windows 8 apart from other OS such as
  • Its Free…!


How To Install WinLaunch Mac OS X Launchpad:

  • Visit the homepage of the website.
  • Under the “Download” navigation option, click on “Download 0.4.5”
  • Click on the downloaded setup and click on one the given options – 32bit or 64bit. For this, check your system.
  • Click on “WinLaunch” to extract the file
  • Once extracted, click on “WinLaunch” to open the software.

Yupp…there you are. Here is you Mac X OS Launchpad. However, in case it has not opened, just check out the system tray. You just need to drag and drop files on its interface in order to add files in WinLaunch. Make sure that you double-click the mouse button to add files.

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In short, WinLaunch Mac OS X Launchpad for Windows 8 is an excellent tool to create keyboard shortcuts and to get a Mac like feel right on your regular PC. Go ahead and try out yourself…!