Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Hotkeys have always helped us to access an Operating System in a faster and easier way. Since Microsoft’s Windows 8 Metro UI has new style, new look, just everything new, hence it has ben updated with new Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts.

These Windows 8 hotkeys are extremely useful while examining the Windows 8 Metro UI version. I have got a complete list of Windows 8 hotkeys that includes almost all the possible Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. Lets Begin —

Windows Key – Takes you to the metro start screen

Windows + B – Switches you to the traditional Windows desktop.

Windows + C – Brings you the Charms Menu

Windows + D – Takes you to the Desktop Scree.

Windows + E – Launches the Windows Explorer

Windows + F – Opens up the Search Panel

Win F

Windows + H – Brings you the Share Panel

Windows + I – Brings up the Settings Panel

Windows + J – Toggles focus between snapped Windows 8 applications

Windows + K – Opens up the Connect Charm

Windows + L – Locks the PC

Windows + M – Minimizes all the opened windows

Windows + O – Locks the rotating screen

Windows + P – Select a display between the available ones

Windows + Q – Opens up the App Search Screen

Windows + R – Displays the Run window

win R

Windows + U – Launches the access center

Windows + V – Cycles through toasts

Windows + W – Launches the Metro Search Panel

Windows + X – Brings up the Start Menu

Windows + Y – Peeks at the desktop screen, temporarily

Windows + Z – Opens up the App Bar

Win + Shift + V – Reverse Cycle through toasts

Win + Enter – Displays the narrator

Win + PageUp – Moves the Windows 8 tiles left

Win + PageDown – Moves the Windows 8 tiles right

Win + Tab – Opens up the Applications switcher menu to toggle between the applications

Win + , (Comma) – Aero peek the desktop screen

Win + Spacebar – Switch the language and layout of the keyboard

One beneficial function that I came across while accessing Windows 8 Metro UI was that as you start typing over the start screen, it will display you the search panel to easily look for whatever you are searching.

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Go ahead and become the master while getting trained for accessing Windows 8 efficiently.