Windows 8 Word Search Game To Polish Your Brian

Word Search Game is a free Windows 8 puzzle game where you need to find some words on a given grid of alphabets. The words can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or backward. You just have to identify the hidden words and mark them on the grid. The game offers multiple levels to choose from. These levels include words belonging to different categories, such as Colors, States, Animals, Countries, and Programming.

Word Search Game can be found in Games Category of Windows Store. You can also use the link given at the end to view the app directly in Windows Store. Let’s see how you can play this Windows 8 puzzle game.

Word Search Game - Solving Puzzle

Solve the Crossword Puzzle in this Windows 8 Word Search Game:

Word Search Game is a single screen app, so everything required to play the game is present on the main page itself. As soon as you land on this main page, you would see a 15 x 15 grid where alphabets are placed randomly. On the left side of this grid, the levels are given from which you can choose the desired level to play. As soon as you choose the level, the words you need to find on the grid would be displayed on the right. A timer would also be played to track the total time taken by you to solve the puzzle.

Apart from that, you would see some score on the top that goes on reducing as the time passes. You would have to identify all the words before the score reaches zero. Each marked work would add some points to your score and help in getting more time to win. If you fail to find any word, you can click on the “Solve” button besides its name, and it would be highlighted automatically for you.

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Key Features of Windows 8 Word Search Game:

  • Free Windows 8 crossword puzzle game.
  • Challenging and fun to play.
  • Includes multiple levels.
  • Timer to track the time spent on identifying words.
  • Option to increase/decrease (+A/-A) the font size of letters on Grid.
  • Restart option to reset the letter pattern on the grid.
  • Level named “Addition” to help children learn addition and puzzle solving simultaneously. Also check out IRI and Flash Cards.Word Search Game - Level Additions

The Final Verdict:

Word Search Game is an interesting and fun game to kill some time. If you love solving crossword puzzles, take this challenge and search the given words within least possible time.

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