Windows 8 Word Game To Test Your Vocabulary: WordGap

WordGap is a free Windows 8 word game that lets you test your vocabulary in an interesting way. You will be provided with two letters and a timer. The challenge is to make as many words as you can within 60 seconds, such that the words begin and end with the given letters. As you begin playing the game, the timer starts counting, and you will have to guess all the possible words before the timer reaches zero.

Each sensible word add some points to your score. Apart from this, two bonus letters will also be provided when you play the game. If you use one or both of these letters in your words, your score would become much higher.

WordGap - Gampeplay

The game has multiple levels and each level consists of three rounds. You can play either solo or challenge up to three other people on WordGap community. Let’s see how you can play this free Windows 8 word game.

Test your Vocabulary with WordGap:

To play the game, first install it in your Windows 8 device using the link given at the end, or from the Games category of Windows Store. Once you have installed it, you would have to create an account with WordGap. You can create a new account or use your existing Outlook, Live ID, or Facebook account to play the game. Once you are logged in , you can choose to play either solo, or search for up to 3 persons whom you want to challenge. After choosing this, you would be taken to the game screen, which looks the one given in the first screenshot.

WordGap - Login Screen

Now as soon as you enter this screen, the timer on the top right corner begin playing and you would have to think of the maximum possible words out of the given letters within 60 seconds. The two main letters are give above the letter pad. To insert letters between these two letters, just click on that letter on the letter pad. Once you are done with making the word, click on the “Submit” button. As soon as you submit a word, the corresponding score would be added to the score board. Use the “Swap” button to swap letters (starting and ending) and the “Clear” button to erase inserted letters. Make use of the Bonus letters wherever possible, they would help you score a lot.

After finishing the first round, you can see your score and proceed to the second round. Like this, you can complete all the three rounds and play again, as many times as you want. All the levels are of fairly same difficulty and very fun to play.

WordGap - Score Screen

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Word Game:

  • Windows 8 free game app.
  • Interesting and engaging.
  • Nice graphics and animations.
  • Nice sound effects.
  • Pleasing UI.
  • Single and multi-player gameplay.

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The Final Verdict:

WordGap is a very nice Windows 8 word game app. The game not only helps in testing our vocabulary, but also helps in speeding up our word formation skills. The overall design and sound effects make it even more engaging.

All in all, this Windows 8 word game is a simple and fun game. A must try for everyone.

Get WordGap here!