Windows 8 Unit Converter App: Custom Converter

Custom Converter is a free Windows 8 unit converter App. This app covers many useful categories of unit conversion. Some of the categories are Angles, Astronomical, Currency, Cooking, Mass, and Temperature.

Each category contains a list of unit conversions. The app also provides a Custom Category feature. In this category, you can create your own list of unit conversions.

Custom Converter - Windows 8 unit converter app

How To Use This Windows 8 Unit Converter App

You can install this app from within your Windows 8 app store. Open this app after installing it successfully. When you open it, you will see its interface is divided into two sections, left and right. Left is Conversion section and right is Category section. Category section includes the list of all conversion categories. You have to select a category from here first. When you select a category, two same lists ‘From’ and ‘To’ of all unit conversions from that category comes in the conversion section.

Custom Converter - Category section

In ‘From’ list, you have to select the unit you want to convert. Enter the quantity in the Number field below the list. Now, select a unit from the ‘To’ list you wish to convert to. The converted quantity will be shown in the field below the ‘To’ list. You can convert the same entered quantity to another unit by just changing the selected unit from ‘To’ list. See screenshot for details.

Custom Converter - Conversion section

This app provides a special custom category which is used to create your own unit conversion. You can create your own unit conversion in this category. You need to enter some details. The details include a unit name in ‘From’ list and ‘To’ list with a mathematical formula for conversion. You can change the list as per your requirements later. See screenshot below for details.

Custom Converter - Custom Category

If you are working on something in Windows which required conversion, you can use this Windows app in a snapped mode. See screenshot below for details.

Custom Converter - snapped mode

Some Key Features of this Unit Converter App

  • This is a very user-friendly app which performs conversion very quickly.
  • It provides a list of total 20 conversion categories.
  • This app doesn’t use your internet for any conversion apart from Currency category.
  • It also provides the Number Pad to enter the quantity of unit. The Number Pad will replaced your category section after you have selected a category from there.

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Custom Converter is a very small app which size 500 KB approx. It has a very simple and nice interface. It provides a list of very useful categories of unit conversions, which are used regularly in our day-to-day life.

Click here to get Custom Converter.