Windows 8 Truck Simulator Game: Trailer Truck Simulator

Trailer Truck Simulator is a free truck simulator game for Windows 8 computer. This Windows 8 truck simulator game lets you drive huge Trailer Trucks in city environment. You can use normal navigation keys, or WASD keys to control the Trailer Truck’s movements. This lightweight simulator game occupies just 36.3 MB, however, the graphics of the game are pretty decent. The game is completely ad free, and runs very smoothly even on devices with low specifications. The physics of this Truck simulator game is realistic, and gives you a real experience of driving a Trailer Truck around the roads of a city.

trailer truck simulator

This Trailer Truck Simulator game for Windows 8 has 5 different type of Trucks, which you can drive around the city map.

  • Racing Trailer Truck
  • Gasoline Trailer Truck
  • Celebrity Trailer Truck
  • Air Conditioned Trailer Truck
  • Dumper Trailer Truck

All these Trailer Trucks give you different experience while you drive them around. The game is pretty realistic, as you can notice different acceleration, speed, steering sensitivity, brake, and weight distribution, for different kinds of Trailer Trucks. All these trucks are available to drive when you begin playing the game. To switch between the Trailer Trucks, simply hit the Change Truck button. The Change Truck button is available on the upper-right corner of the game screen.

trailer truck simulatorTo play the Trailer Truck Simulator, tap anywhere on the start screen. A Trailer Truck appears which you need to move around the city. Use the navigation keys, or the WASD keys to accelerate, turn right or left, and apply brakes. The city map is quite clean, and free from glitches. Move around your Trailer Truck on the vast city map. The city map is huge, and you can roam around freely in different areas. The city roads are free from traffic; no other vehicles can be found apart from the Trailer Truck. So, move around the truck, make hard turns, drive in reverse, without thinking about the traffic.

trailer truck simulator

Let us talk about the physics of the Trailer Truck. The game has realistic physics response. When your Trailer Truck’s speed is high, and you make turns with the Truck around a corner, it tilts a little bit. This phenomena tends to happen with real Trailer Trucks as well. The realistic physics used, gives a real time experience of Truck driving. If you turn the Trailer Truck pretty hard, it will tilt more, and it can cause the Trailer Truck to fall sideways. The Trailer Truck re-spawns, if it falls sideways, so you do not have to worry about your Truck.

trailer truck simulator

Trailer Truck Simulator is a good driving game, with realistic controls, decent graphics, and minimal gameplay options. Try out this game to experience real Trailer Truck driving experience.

Download Trailer Truck Simulator for Windows 8.