Windows 8 Text Editor App To Create, Edit Text Documents

ELECOM Text Editor is a Windows 8 Text Editor app. You can use this app to conveniently create or edit text files, which you can save on your local storage. Using the app, you can also access your SkyDrive documents. You can also change your text documents that may be present in your  Skydrive account.
The Text Editor will provide you with a number of facilities like font styles, bullets and numbering, and other things. Apart from this, there are various modes that you may use to access more benefits from the app.

ELECOM Text Editor

ELECOM Text Editor is freely available in the Tools category of the Windows Store.

Using this Windowws 8 Text Edfitor app

As you land into the app, firstly the app will ask you to specify a folder where it will save your text documents. After you specify the folder, you would be taken to the main screen of the editor, where you would be shown the option to add new Text Document. Along with that, your Skydrive can also be accessed from this page. Your text documents that you have saved would also be shown here.

ELECOM Text Editor- Main screen

Get to the New option to start a new text document. Let me tell you about how to work with the app, and the main options that you can avail in this app:

Set a font style

You can use a number of font styles to write in this free Windows 8 text editor. These include Arial, Comic Sans, Calibri, and many others.

ELECOM Text Editor- Font styles

Set Numbering and bullets

Set numbering and bullets for the data you are entering into the text document. There are 5 different variations available here to choose for the data you are entering.

Fixed Phrase

You can use fixed phrases, every now and then, within your text. Five different phrases can be defined here. Whenever you feel like using them, just use the Fixed Phrase option that is available here. You just have to tick on the phrase that you want to use.

ELECOM Text Editor- Phrases

Other than that, the option to set an alignment is also available.

Text color, Background color

You can set the text color by using this option. This option is available in the bottom flyout of the editor. To get that, just right click anywhere outside the writing pad. The text color that can be set here, can be defined as a mixture of Blue, Green, and Red color.

ELECOM Text Editor- Set color

Simple Mode

In the simple mode, you would be shown just the text you are entering, hiding all the unnecessary details from everyone.

Note Mode

In the note mode, you can specify the lines and number of characters for each line.


Use the save option, and the app will save the document at the folder that you have specified when you started using the app for the first time. The document will now appear on the main screen of the app.

Edit your text documents from SkyDrive

Use the SkyDrive option that is available on the main screen of the app’s interface, and you would be able to access the files that are available in your SkyDrive account. You have the option to edit a copy of the text documents. You can save these copies on your specified location where your documents are saved.

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Key Features this Free Windows 8 Text Editor

  • A large number of options like Font styles, text color, background color, etc., are available here.
  • You can directly access your SkyDrive from the app, and can access the files to edit them and save on your local storage.
  • You can pin any text document to start screen, from where you can access it easily.
  • The app is freely available in the Windows Store.

My Verdict

ELECOM Text Editor is a nice Windows 8 Text Editor app till you are using it for basic text editing. Although, it can be used when there is a requirement to make text documents, but there are many options in it that I was not able to figure out. For instance, the time attack mode was said to be useful for typing training for checking the speed of typing, but I think there is some bug with this feature as it did not work as specified. There is also an option to upload the documents on SkyDrive. But, when I used the option, it took too long. So you have to figure out these options yourself. All in all, you can try this app.

Get ELECOM Text Editor here.