Windows 8 Tasks Manager App: Task2Do

Task2Do is a free Windows 8 tasks manager app available under “tools” category of its app store. This task manager Windows 8 app lets you add your to be done tasks throughout the day, or week, so that you don’t forget any of your work, right from your important board meeting to your wife’s birthday, just everything.

This Windows 8 tasks manager app is simple and easy to use. You just have to add the task which you have to perform on a particular day and leave the rest on the app. On the main Windows 8 start menu page, you will see the app icon displaying your pending tasks. With this, you will never forget a task to perform while working on your Windows 8 PC.


Note: The free version of the app allows you to add only two task lists. To make more than two task list available, you need to buy the upgraded version of the app.

Missing Feature:

One of the smart features which most of the to do task managers have is the reminder option. Most of the to do list apps and software have the reminder feature to remind the specified tasks. The reminder gives you the notification at the specified time of the task. Well, yes… it gives you a notification reminder at the set time of the recorded task. But, sadly this feature is not available in this Task2Do Windows 8 app.

How To Use This Windows8 Tasks Manager App?

Once you launch the app, it will ask you to record the task which is to be done. Just give a name to the task list and start recording the tasks you want to perform throughout the day. To reorder the task list, just push and drag it to right, and re-order it accordingly. Check the box, if you want to mark any task as completed or if you want to completely remove the task, then press “X” or click on “close” button. You can even undo the task by unchecking the box.

Well, till now, you must have got a clear picture of what the app is all about. Now, lets move forward and have a look on some feature of this Task2Do app.

Features Of Task2Do App:

  • Record the task to do on a particular day or week.
  • Displays your task lists on start menu page.
  • Beautiful and easy to use interface.
  • The free version allows you to add two task list.

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Download Task2Do App:

Open this link in IE10. Now, it will come up on the search page where you can find the button to install the app. Click on the “install” button and the app will start downloading. After successful download, it will automatically install on your Windows 8 PC.

Before folding up this article, I would say that this Task2Do app is one of the simplest Windows 8 tasks manager apps which helps you remember all the tasks which are to be done. I like the simplicity and the feature to display all the list of task recorded on the app icon on start menu page itself. However, the important missing feature i.e no reminder notification made me skip this app.