Windows 8 Social App To Access Multiple Social Networking Sites

QR4 Social Login is a free Windows 8 Social app. It allows you to log in to multiple Social Networking accounts, right from a single app. Apart from the various available social networking accounts, it also supports some other services like Hotmail, Outlook, and SkyDrive, and allows you to login to them as well from within itself. QR4 lets you access more than 30 Socializing Web Sites. Unless you log out intentionally from these sites using the app, you will remain online.

This free Windows 8 social app provides a quick way to sign in to various social networking and other web accounts, without having to login to each account separately. QrR4 Social Login can be availed from Social category of Windows Store.

QR4 Social Login- Main Screen

Let’s get you a better idea about the app.

Socialize using this Free Windows 8 Social app

As you launch QR4 Social Login, right at the main screen, all the Social sites will appear as tiles. The mostly used social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Pinterest , Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and many others are available by default in this free Windows 8 Social app.

The social sites available here behave and function in the same way as they work in your Web Browser. You won’t have to worry about mugging up new things in order to use the apps.

QR4 Social Login- Login Page

All the features on your Social Network , that you enjoy while using your Web Browser can be enjoyed in a same manner using this free Windows 8 Social app.

QR4 Social Login- Access account functionality same as Browser

You can upload Pictures, Videos, Comment, post Updates, read Blogs, or do anything you want to do, using this free Windows 8 Social app.

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Main Features of QR4 Social Login

  • Free availability: QR4 Social Login is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • No Browser Required: Login to your Social Sites using QR4 Social Login to access your Social Networking accounts without using your Web Browser.
  • Manage multiple web accounts at the same time.
  • User Friendly Interface: The Interface of this free Windows 8 Social app is quite nice and easy to understand.
  • Browse accounts, Upload Images, Videos, Post Updates, Read and Post Blogs, Play Games using QR4 Social Login.
  • Multiple Device Support: The app can be used on your Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets.

Final Conclusion

Finally, to conclude, I would like to say that QR4 Social Login is a good app to access your Social Networks. All the functionalities of your accounts that you use in your Web Browser, can be done in the same way using this free app. The app provides you to access some of the most popular Social Networks from around the world. Although, the app is limited to access only those services which are already added to it. Had there been a way to add more services, the app would have worked better for me. Otherwise it is a good app and worth a try.

Get QR4 Social Login here.