Windows 8 SkyDrive App

According to the recent post by Microsoft, it plans to extend its SkyDrive Backup service by merging it with Windows 8. For beginners, Microsoft is planning to launch a separate SkyDrive Metro-style app specifically for all new Microsoft’s Windows 8.

We can not deny the fact that millions of people use this cloud storage service to store data such as documents, photos, files, and more. This made Microsoft to integrate a separate SkyDrive app into Windows 8.

The Post Said, “SkyDrive will evolve with Windows 8 from a website today into a true device cloud for Windows customers”.

The all new Windows 8 SkyDrive app will be made available in Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29th Feb. This will finally allow you to store documents and pictures on your SkyDrive cloud storage from the rest of the Windows 8 apps.

The Windows 8 SkyDrive app will work with any available app, provided that it should support open and save for photos and documents.


“This will work with any app that supports open and save for documents and photos, and will be the first time anything like this has been possible without any setup or configuration,” said the post.

Moreover with this Windows 8 SkyDrive app, you will be able to send documents and images through the Email app in Windows 8 via SkyDrive. This will save your time of attaching every photo of document.

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In addition, Microsoft is also planning to release SkyDrive Windows 8 desktop app that will in turn let you access you data even when you are not connected to any broadband connection. SkyDrive as a Windows 8 desktop app will enable you to upload large files of up to 2GB.

However, we will have to wait until actually some up with this amazing Windows 8 app.