Windows 8 Skill Game App Free: Building Tower

Building Tower is a free Windows 8 skill game in which you have to build tower by dropping blocks one over the other, hung by a rope. Make your building as tall as you can to get higher scores.

This free Windows 8 skill game has two interesting modes to play: Build City and Quick Game.

In Build City mode, the app provides you a city grid. You have to build towers and place them wisely in the city grid. Try to drop the blocks perfectly on each other, to accommodate more and more people. You will be given three chances to play the game, after which you will lose the game. As your city’s population increase with increasing levels, new building types will unlock.

Building Tower - Gameplay

In Quick Game mode, your aim should be to make as tall and as stable a building as you can to score points.

This game app is freely available in Games category of Windows Store.

Let’s see how to play this interesting game.

Make towers, score points and have fun with this free Windows 8 Skill game:

To play this interesting game and have fun, first install the app on your Windows 8 PC. As you launch the app, you will be taken to the Main screen of the app with all options: Build City, Quick Game, Reset Map, Instructions, High Scores, and More Games.

Building Tower- Main screen

You can refer to the instructions before playing the game to have a better understanding of how to play the game. Now, choose the mode that you want to play first. The next screen will display the game play screen followed by a set of instructions. You will see a building block hung by a rope on the top. Use Space bar or down headed arrow key to release the block at a desired location. Keep on releasing the successive blocks to make as tall a building as you can, and score points.

Build City mode provides you a city grid in which you have to keep locating the towers you make. Playing more levels will unlock new building types to place in your city grid.

Buildinng Tower - City Grid

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Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Skill Game:

  • Free Windows 8 skill game app
  • Offer two modes to play
  • Build taller towers to score high
  • Leaderboard to display high scores
  • Easy to play
  • Pleasing UI

My Verdict:

Building Tower is an interesting game app offering two different modes to play. Children as well as adults can play this game. Do try this app and share your feedback via comments.

Get Building Tower here!