Windows 8 Sidebar For Windows 7

Here is a short demonstration on how to get Windows 8 Sidebar in Windows 7 operating system. To get Windows 8 Sidebar in Windows 7, you need to download and install a small program called “Metro Sidebar”. You can choose the background color of the sidebar from the five given colors, and you can also select your favorite browser which would then appear as a link in the sidebar.

You can download Metro Sidebar from the following link: here

The Windows 8 bar download is available in the form of .zip file. Hence, you need to extract all in order to unzip it. After you unzip and install the program, you will see “Metro Sidebar settings” dialog box. Here, you can choose one of the five available colors as the sidebar’s background color. Choose your favorite web browser and enable the check-box at the bottom if you want this program to be auto started at Windows start-up. Click “Apply” to close the settings dialog box. You can access the settings dialog box later from Windows task bar.


You will see a sidebar on the right side of your desktop. The look and feel of the sidebar is same as that of Metro UI Windows 8 sidebar. At the top of Windows 8 bar, you will see date and time followed by user name of the current user and a bunch of options which includes lock, log off, switch user, restart and shutdown. Next, you will see the full name of the operating system and the disk usage details of the primary drive. At the end, you will see the link of your selected browser. You can click the link to launch your favorite browser. You might also like download Windows 8 Wallpapers for Windows 7, Vista.

clip_image004 Go ahead and get Windows 8 bar in Windows 7