Windows 8 RSS Reader App: RSS Reader ++

RSS Reader ++ is a free Windows 8 RSS reader app to view online RSS or Atom feeds. It must be noted that this free RSS reader Windows 8 app is only about viewing RSS feeds i.e. you cannot create an index of feeds.

On launching RSS Reader ++ for the first time, you will be presented the application window with no useful control. The next task required will be to right-click on blank section of application window after which a horizontal bar will appear at bottom section of the screen. There you will be presented text box for entering any accessible and valid RSS feed URL.


Then, you will have to click on the arrow button at front. On doing so, processing will begin and within a few seconds you will be shown the fetched RSS content.


* A few RSS feeds won’t show a custom thumbnail while a few will. This will greatly depend upon the site and the data structure in the XML file being fetched.

You can now click on any particular RSS entry and it will be shown to you. Again, you will be shown the content fetched form RSS feed and not the content of actual webpage.


  • One of the disappointment is regarding the inability of this Windows 8 RSS reader app to subscribe, index, or store RSS feeds. Each and every time you will have to type the RSS URL by your hands.
  • You can neither view the content of original webpage within the application, nor you are provided any other option (button) to view them online.

Installation Of Windows 8 RSS Reader App:

If for some weird reason you want to install this not so useful Windows 8 RSS reader then do it from here.

It’s a simple RSS reader app for Windows 8 with very limited set of functionalities. The final verdict for RSS Reader ++ Windows 8 app  is that it’s too simple. I would have liked it, but it seems not solving any major purpose expected from a RSS reader. I would recommend Simple RSS Reader and Dark RSS Reader over RSS Reader ++.