Windows 8 Radio App: Audials Radio

Audials Radio is a free Windows 8 radio app available under “Music & Video” category of its App Store. Audials Radio app for Windows 8 lets you browse and listen to multiple radio stations online on your Windows 8 PC. You do not need to browse through the Internet for listening to online radio stations. Audials Radio provides around 46000 radio stations to access. Just select your favorite radio station and listen to it online with ease. You can browse and listen to radio stations by country,  genre, top artists, top hits playing right now, and much more. Apart from this, the radio has smart controls which include play/pause, stop, and volume. Audials Radio Player

Browse Radio Stations By Country:

Audials Radio The good part which I like in this Windows 8 radio app is browsing the radio stations by country. Just select the country and the app will display the list of the radio stations from that country. Select a radio station which you want to play and enjoy it.

Browse Radio Stations By Genre, Top Artists……

You can even browse the radio stations by genre, your favorite artist, top hits playing, and local. Listen to all the world radio according to your style on your Windows 8 PC.

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Access Your Favorites On Multiple Devices:

Audials Radio Favorites Another smart feature of Audials Radio app is accessing the radio stations added as favorites from anywhere and on any device. While listening to radio stations, you might like it and want to add in a list from where you can access and listen to it with ease. This can be done by adding the station to your favorites. Audials Radio has made it possible for the listeners to access their favorite stations (added to their Audials account) from any device having Audials Radio.

Note: You can play radio stations only when you are connected to Internet.

Features Of Audials Radio:

  • Play radio stations from all over the world on your Windows 8 PC.
  • Search radio stations by country, genre, top artists, and the like.
  • Add radio stations to your favorites.
  • Pin the radio station to Windows start screen.
  • Easy controls which include play/pause, stop, and volume.
  • Tile based interface.
  • Search radio stations.

Download Audials Radio App:

Audials Radio app can be downloaded and installed by searching “Audials Radio” on Windows 8 App Store. Else, simply open this link in IE10 and click on ‘View in Windows Store’, from where you can download the app. Click on the install button and download the app.

At the end of this article, I would just say that Audials Radio Windows 8 app is all enough to listen to radio with ease. Browsing the radio stations by country is one of the best options. Also, adding the favorites to Audials account and accessing all of them from any device is another smart feature of Audials Radio app. Go ahead and download Audials Radio app in Windows 8 now.