Windows 8 Puzzle Game Free: Zombie Lines

Zombie Lines is a Windows 8 Puzzle Game app. Your main aim here is to place three or more Zombies of same color, either horizontally or vertically, and eventually destroy them. You have to destroy all the Zombies that appear on the page. Along with the Zombies, Monsters also appear sometime using which you can delete an entire line. Compete with your friends in this Windows 8 Puzzle Game.

The game is freely available under Games category of  Windows Store.Zombie Lines

Play this Windows 8 Puzzle game

As you start the game, you would be shown what you have to follow in order to play. As you get to the game play area of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, two columns will be present in which zombie faces would be arranged.  Along with that any particular row would be selected with two zombie faces on both, right as well as left side.

Zombie Lines-Match the Zombies

You have to place these zombie faces in any row in such a way that three or more zombies of same color are placed together. Now,use your mouse to get to any row. Left click the mouse and the faces would be placed to the extreme right and left side. As the faces of same color come together, they would disappear. Now, use your intelligence to arrange the faces such that slowly the whole page empties up.

Now as I have earlier, along with the zombies , sometimes some other kind of creatures also appear in this Windows 8 Puzzle game. If you arrange them in any row then no matter which faces are arranged in it, some faces or even the whole row disappears as they are added.

Watch out for the next faces

While you are arranging any of the appearing faces in any row of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game app, the next pair of faces which will appear to be arranged after this turn, will be shown in the upper right corner of the screen.

Zombie Lines- See the next zombies

So make your move while keeping in mind these pair of Zombie faces as well.

Keep sight of timer while playing this Windows 8 Puzzle Game 

While you are trying to arrange the Zombie faces in this puzzle, a timer would also be running. The timer is available on the upper left corner of the screen.

Zombie Lines- Timer

Try to delete all the  Zombie faces from the screen, before the timer ends. Try to do  it  before the timer reaches ‘0’. This is because once the timer is completed, it will start again, and as it begins some more zombie faces would be added to the puzzle and now you have to once again try to arrange same faces together, that too in a bigger puzzle.

Pause it anytime while playing

While playing this Windows 8 Puzzle Game, you also have the option to pause it anytime.

Zombie Lines- Pause the gameFor this switch over to other opened screen and your game will be paused, preserving your score that you have made.

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Key Features of Zombie Lines

  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this Windows 8 Puzzle Game is nice and it use nice graphics.
  • Free availability: The game is freely available in Windows Store.
  • Availability of faces that you have to place in the next chance, so that you make move accordingly.
  • Availability of timer which keeps the players glued to it.
  • Works with laptops, tablets, and other touch-enabled devices.

My Final Say

Finally, to conclude I would like to say that it is a nice game and will keep you glued to your screen. Give it a try!!

Get Zombie Lines here.