Windows 8 Photo App

Bundled apps in Windows 8 consumer preview, there are new metro apps revealed by Microsoft in the very new Windows 8 consumer preview. The Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system has come up with a new exciting pre-installed app like Windows Mail, Store, Photos, Calendar, Contacts and much more.

However, here we are talking about Windows 8 Photo App.

One of most exciting apps for Windows 8 is Photo App. Not only does this Windows 8 Photo App allow you to view photos from the PC gallery but also the photos from various social networking websites such as Facebook, Skydrive, Flickr, and more.

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This photo app for Windows 8 does not let you edit photos, you can only preview your pictures in full-screen mode. You can also view photos from different online web hosting sites.

photos 1

How To Use This Windows 8 Photo App:

  • Click on Photos app to launch it. If you have any photos in your gallery, it will be shown in pictures library.

photos 2

  • If you want to add photos from Flickr, Facebook or sky drive, You have to login first, to get connected with Photo app.

photos 3

  • After logging in, you will receive warning to authorize these apps to get connected on Windows 8 photo app
  • Now, you can open the picture library and view photos to your choice.

photos 4

  • Right clicking will show pictures library photos by date.

photos 7

  • Again right clicking allows you view albums, click on any album to open it.

photos 5

  • You can also view photos in slide bar for slide show of pic.

photos 6

  • “Select All” allows you to delete selected photos or you may also clear all.

photos 8

  • Right photo also allows to view photos as app tile.

photos 9

  • You can view photos in different screen modes like full screen.

photos 10

  • You can also share photos by click on top right handed side.

photos 11

  • You may also mail your charming photos to your friends, by clicking on Mail.

photos 12

There are still some more apps such as Mail, contacts, maps and much more coming to list, so wait we would be personalizing for you soon… Go ahead with Photo App until then… 🙂