Windows 8 News Reader To Read News Stories In Photos: The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a free Windows 8 News Reader app. The app presents news stories from all over the world, as a collection of high-quality pictures. It’s an official Windows 8 client app for The Big Picture, an is an award winning photo blog from

The app covers top news stories from around the world. The news stories basically presents you with a collection of high-quality pictures related to that particular news, and some textual content. You can Save the Photos on your local storage (in JPG format), or even Share them using the Windows 8 Share Charm.

The Big Picture- Main Screen

The Big Picture can be freely availed from the ‘Photo’ category from the Windows Store. Let’s get you a better idea of The Big Picture.

Read News from around the World using this Windows 8 News Reader app

Right on the main screen of this Windows 8 news reader app, you will see different news items present as rectangular tiles. If you click on any tile, it will open up the entire news story in front of you. This screen will show you number of photos related to that particular news story.

The Big Picture- Transition through Photos

You can browse through the various related Photos in a particular news story using the arrows that are present on the right and the left side of the screen. So as to use the options that are available for a particular News Story, you have to right click anywhere on the story. The option to get back from any story to the home screen will also appear after right clicking on anywhere on the News Story.

Apart from this, you can even Search for a particular News Story using the Windows Search charm. The free Windows 8 news reader app even gives you the ability to save any particular Photo Story on your Local Storage. For that you have to right click on any area of the story which you are currently viewing. The Big Picture saves any of the Photo News which you save, only in JPG format. Plus this, one thing worth mentioning is that only the Photo from any News Story is saved. The textual story that is available for you to read (in the app) won’t be saved when you save any particular news Story.

Share News Stories using this Windows 8 News Reader app

Apart from the functionality of providing you with News Stories from around the World, this free Windows 8 News Reader app also gives you the ability to share any particular News Story. For this use the Windows Share Charm.

The Big Picture- Share any News Story

When you share any of the News Story that has been covered in this free Windows 8  News Reader app, only its link would be shared. When you open that link in your Web Browser, only the photo will open and not the text.

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Key Features of The Big Picture

  • Freely available: The Big Picture is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • Tile News Stories: The News Stories covered in this Windows 8 news reader app appear as tiles that are glued on the main screen.
  • Nice Interface: The Interface of the app is easily understandable and user-friendly.
  • Search for a News Story: You can also search for a news story here by using the Windows 8 Search Charm.
  • Use the Windows Share Charm to share any news story available in The Big Picture.
  • Save any News Story on your local storage.
  • Photos available in Landscape mode for easy transition.

My Verdict on The Big Picture

To conclude, I would say that you must use this app. It provides High Quality Photos for any News Story which is quite good for reading news. All in all, it is worth a try.

Get The Big Picture here.