Windows 8 News App

News App is a free news app for Windows 8 that allows you to keep yourself updated with all the latest news covering the entire world.

This Windows 8 news app comes up with various categories such as Top story, US, World, Technology, Business, Entertainment, Politics and the like.

Features Of Windows 8 News App:

  • It’s completely free.
  • Live tile show for the top stories.
  • Offers date and publisher’s name with news.
  • Offers various news categories like technology, politics, music, sports, and so on.
  • Retrieve news according to your preference using “My News category”.
  • Available in the Windows 8 App Store.

News app

News App has been categorized into four different groups — Bing Daily, My News, Trends, and Sources. Along with daily news updates, the app for Windows 8 also brings you the date of a particular news and its publisher name.

The “Bing Daily” group comes up with news related to technology, business, etc. The “Trends”  delivers the main headlines of every important news. The “Source” group gives you updates related to Gaming, Science, Music and the like.

The good part is that each category contains news delivered by various news channel various news channel. You can pick any channel to view news on. Stop flipping the pages of your newspaper just to read sports news, try Windows 8 News App and just select a category of your choice to read more.

Must not miss the ‘My News’ option that lets you extract news of your choice. All you have to do is click the “plus sign(+)” and then write the news headline. It will quickly shows you various news suggestions. Select one that you want to read more about –> hit enter. This will get you all the info related to selected news headline.

Windows 8 app store also has a Sky News App. Click over to extract more.

News App for Windows 8 is a good utility app that helps you to stay connected with the facts and the news of the world. Go ahead and try Windows 8 News App now…