Windows 8 Mp3 Cutter App

Windows 8 Mp3 Cutter app is another nice tool for extracting audio from mp3 files. This Mp3 cutter Windows 8 app comes handy in situations where you require to perform something creative such as music remixing.

You can easily locate this Mp3 cutter app for Windows 8 in ‘Music & Video / Music’ section of Windows Store. Its 100% free and supports a rich set of features & functionality. The best apart about the application is that it delivers you the option for audio extraction with precision of a millisecond.

On launching Windows 8 Mp3 Cutter for the first time you will be shown following interface.


  • The application window contains a ‘+’ button for adding the MP3 file. On clicking it, you will be taken to a new window from where you can browser to the destination where particular mp3 file exist.
  • Next, select the file and press the ‘open’ button placed in the bottom. Soon after which the file will load and you will be presented a similar interface as in screenshot below. Window-8-mp3-cutter-app
  • On the top, you will be presented a graph showing the beats in the song. Below, it exists the controls for determining the start and end of the audio you desire to extract. In the same row to the right exists the controls for playing, stopping, pausing, setting the start marker, setting the end marker and adjusting volume.
  • Now, your task will be to use the slider control at top to define the beginning of audio and the slider below the graph to mark the end of audio to be extracted. (Highlighted in red on screenshot above)
  • The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons beneath can be used for fine tuning as per requirement.

Once you have determined the audio section from the MP3 file then click on ‘Save’ button at bottom to generate a new mp3 file. After clicking you will be prompted to select the destination to save the file on your Windows 8 machine.

* You will also notice information about artist, album, genre etc. in the bottom left section. You can easily edit those as needed.

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Installing this Windows 8 Mp3 Cutter App:

  • To install Windows 8 Mp3 Cutter, you will require to open this link in supported browser such as Internet Explorer 10 or advance.
  • Then click on ‘View in Windows Store’ button. Then Install it from Windows store by clicking on ‘Install’ button.

Windows 8 Mp3 Cutter is definitely a nice application. You must consider giving it a try.