Windows 8 Monster Game Free: Run Monster Extreme

Run Monster Extreme is a free Windows 8 Monster Game. In this Game, you have to keep the tiny, friendly monster safe from the big, not-so-friendly monster. The game has a number of levels. With the increase in level, the difficulty of the game also increases. Things like traps will start appearing in the game, thereby increasing the overall difficulty, and thereby engaging you even more into the game.

The game has very easy controls, and a very easy, yet interesting game play. Run Monster Extreme is freely available in the Games category of Windows Store.

Run Monster Extreme

Playing this Windows 8 Monster Game

One of the very best thing about the game is that it does not have any additional complexities like settings, sounds, or something like choosing a level. Just launch the game, using its launch icon on the start screen, and you would be shown a black interface, with just a single button to start playing.

Run Monster Extreme- Start screen

As you begin playing the game, a screen with a haunted house in the background will appear. After sometime, the tiny monster will appear, with the big monster chasing it. The tiny one would just keep on moving by itself in one direction. You just have to control that it don’t get hit by the bigger one. You just have to keep running away from the big monster, and after a certain time is complete, you would be taken to the next level. The game has a number of levels to play, and as long as you have a life remaining, you would be able to get to the next one.

As you get from one level to another, the difficulty will also increase, with a number of traps appearing during the game. Also, with the advancement in levels, the speed of the big monster will also increase, thereby adding to the difficulty.

Run Monster Extreme- Next level

There are a number of power ups also available in the game.Use the  teleporter to immediately teleport to another point, the red colored hearts to gain extra lives. And the bear traps to get the big monster away.


The controls of the game are quite easy. You can use the arrow keys to control the tiny monster. You can also use your mouse for this. Just click at the point where you want the tiny monster to move to.


Keep count of the lives that are available to you. Only three lives would be given to you in the beginning of the game. During the gameplay, red colored hearts will appear, having which you would be able to gain extra life. The distance and the time you are able to outrun the big monster, will define your score.

Run Monster Extreme- Game

Enjoy Playing!

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My Verdict

Run Monster Extreme is a fun Windows 8 Monster Game, with easy controls. You should definitely try it.

Get Run Monster Extreme here.