Windows 8 DJ App: Mini DJ

Mini DJ is a free Windows 8 DJ app available under “Entertainment” category of its App Store. This Windows 8 DJ app lets you play songs in DJ mode. The app provides a mixer board from which you can mix and play songs just as you play on some professional DJ set.  Basically, this Windows 8 DJ app lets you play two songs at a time. You can easily mix and play the two songs in such a way that it sounds like a perfect pitch. On top of it, the app also provides an adjusting bar which lets you set the priority to the selected songs on both the players provided on the mixer board.

Mini DJ

Well, not only this, the DJ app also has some other smart features which makes your party even rocking. This Windows 8 DJ app provides a playing disc plate which you can scratch to give scratching effects to the playing sound. Now, this feature makes the app, a real DJ. Also, the DJ board provides a button that lets you repeat the lyrics of the song being played. Just switch the button to “out” and the DJ app will hold the song and will repeat the lyrics being played. So cool!

Mini DJ Disc Plate And Button

Remember: Once you switch the button from “in” to “out”, don’t switch the adjusting bar to play the song selected on corresponding board. If you want to mix the song by playing the song selected on another board, then switch the button back from “out” to “in” and then move the adjusting bar.

Mini DJ Don't

According to the app description, you can easily drag and drop the sound to play on DJ. But, at the time of testing the app, I was unable to perform the same function of drag and drop to play the DJ. Rather this Windows 8 DJ app provides the separate buttons on both the players to pick the songs from your music library and play them on Mini DJ.

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Controls Of Mini DJ:

Disc Plate: This Windows 8 DJ app provides you a disk like plate which lets you scratch the playing song just like you do on a profession DJ mixer.

Adjusting Bar: Mini DJ provides an adjusting bar which lets you switch between the playing songs played on DJ mixer. You can mix the two songs repeatedly with the help of this adjusting bar.

In and Out button: With In and Out button, you can easily make the players hold the song and repeat the lyrics being played at that moment. “In” means the song will be played continuously and “out” means the song will be hold and lyrics will be repeated.

Tempo button: The DJ app lets you adjust the tempo of playing song on both the players on mixer board. You can easily increase or decrease the tempo to make the song fast forward or slow forward.

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Features Of This Windows 8 DJ App:

  • Play songs just like you play on some profession DJ mixer.
  • Adjust the tempo of a song.
  • Make the song hold and repeat the lyrics.
  • Disc plate to provide the scratching sound out of a song.
  • Volume controls available.

Download Mini DJ App:

Mini DJ app can be easily downloaded by searching it on its App Store. Click on install button and you are done with. Click here to get the direct download link of the app.

If you are planning to do a party, then do install this Mini DJ to rock your party with rocking songs played by this Windows 8 app. I like the tempo feature of the app. It really makes the song sound funny. Also, I like the fact that it mixes the songs so beautifully, that it sounds as if you have played the song a real DJ mixer.