Windows 8 Maze Game App Free: Horse Maze Race

Horse Maze Race is a free Windows 8 Maze Game app. It’s a great Maze Game in which you have to get the Horse to the hay as early as possible. Meanwhile a cow tries to get to it from the other side, you have to overcome the cow and get the horse to the hay first.

The game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Horse Maze Race- Main screen

You can choose from three options to play this Windows 8 Maze Game app. There are 25 levels available here. Playing the game is quite easy. Just use your arrow keys and the horse will move accordingly. You can also use your mouse to move, where even dragging  is not required. Just hover your mouse and whichever way it goes, the horse follows.

Let’s get you introduced with the game.

Play this Windows 8 Maze Game app

As you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Maze Game app, there will be three options available. In the first option, you just have to get the horse to the hay, there’s no cow involved.

Horse Maze Race- Maze game without a cow

In its way there is a maze, you just have to keep in mind that you don’t get to the wrong way This option is just for the practice purpose. Play here and learn to tackle the next options.

The next option of this Windows 8 Maze Game app has a horse and a cow present. In this option of Horse Maze Race, you have to help the horse reach the hay as early as possible, while there is a cow that is coming for the Hay from the opposite side.

Horse Maze Race- Compete with the Cow

The horse has to get there before the cow starts eating the hay.

Use the third option and along with the cow and the horse, a blockage and a horse shoe is also present. Your aim here also is to reach the hay, but in the way the blockage is present. Firstly you have to get the shoe and then have to reach the blockage to break it, and make way for the horse.

Horse Maze Race- With Cow, Show, and Blockage

Remember that there is no blockage in the path of the cow, so grab the shoe and make way for the horse as early as possible.

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Key Features of Horse Maze Race

  • Nice Interface: The Interface of this Windows 8 Maze Game app is quite nice.
  • Easy Controls: The game controls are very easy. You get the option to use your keyboard or your mouse to move the horse.
  • 3 options available to choose from to play.
  • The game uses 25 levels to see your gaming skills. Difficulty level increases with levels.
  • Free availability: This Windows 8 Maze Game app is freely available.

My Verdict

According to me, this Windows 8 Maze game app is quite nice. It test your skills by gradually increasing the difficulty level, which makes it even more engaging. Plus that, the easy controls make it a good gaming app to try your hands on.

Get Horse Maze Race here.