Windows 8 Health App To Get Information About Diseases: Home Doctor

Home Doctor is a free Windows 8 health app that talks about various popular diseases related to vital organs of our body, their causes, and symptoms. This information is very important since many of us often suffer from these diseases. However, very few of us have an idea of the serious implications of not treating them on time. This happens because of the lack of awareness and proper knowledge about these very common yet deadly diseases.

The app is broadly categorised into four parts: Heart, Liver, Kidneys, and Eyes. Each category contains information about some popular diseases, in the form of text as well as pictures of the concerned body part.

Using this free Windows 8 health app, you can easily identify the causes and symptoms of these diseases well in time and obtain medical help.

Home Doctor is freely available in Health & Fitness category of Windows Store. You can also view the app directly in Windows Store using the link given at the end.

Home Doctor - Start Screen

Let’s have a detailed look at how you can access information from this app.

Prevent yourself from deadly diseases using Home Doctor app:

As you install and launch this app on your Windows 8 system, it will take you to the Start screen of the app. The various categories that the app contains are displayed as picture tiles on the main screen.  Tap on any of the tiles to view the information of diseases contained in it.

Home Doctor - Diseases under Liver category

Each section displays information about four common but deadly diseases. As you click on a tile under a specific category, it will open up with a picture on the left and relevant information as text on the right side. Use horizontal scroll bar to view the full information.

Home Doctor - Description of Disease

The back arrow button on the top left side of the screen will take you back to the main screen.

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Health App:

  • Free Windows 8 health app
  • Very informative
  • Carries useful information about common yet deadly diseases
  • Information displayed in text as well as pictures
  • Simple interface

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My Verdict:

Home Doctor is a nice Windows 8 free health app. It provides very useful information about diseases which many of us usually suffer with. By getting knowledge of the causes, symptoms, and risk factors of these diseases, we can ensure timely medical intervention. However, the text information given in pictures is kind of blur and difficult to read. But, you must give it a try. Do share your feedback via comments.

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