Windows 8 Health App To Keep Count Of Nutrients: EatSmart

EatSmart is a free Windows 8 Health App. The app would be helpful to keep a count of your Nutrients and other Data Facts related to it. You may be able to search through a vast Database of 8000 food items. This Windows 8 Health App will provide you with information relating to the various nutritional constituents like proteins, lipids, minerals, vitamins, and others that are present in that food item. Apart from all that, you can share information from this app using Windows 8 Share Charm.

This Windows 8 Health App is freely available in the Health & Fitness category of the Windows Store.


Let’s get you a better overview of the app.

Search through a large Database of food items using this Windows 8 Health App

Now, what is nice about this Windows 8 Health App is that you need not bother about searching using  the original food item. Just search using a main constituent and for that constituent all the related food items would be displayed. Choose any of the Food Items from here and you will be able to get the data report for it.

As you get to the main screen of this Free Windows 8 Health app, you will be having the option to enter the food item. Just enter the food item or one of its main constituent and select from a number of categories that are available in the drop down and click Go. All the related results will appear in front of you.

EatSmart- search

Select the desired food item and it will provide you with the data report for it.

Now, what is quite noticeable is that you have the option to search for many different categories for a particular food item. From the available categories, there are some like Poultry Products, Breakfast Cereals, Soup, Sauce and Gravies, and many other like that.

To better illustrate it, let’s take an example. Here, I searched for chicken. Now, for Chicken we can have Baby foods as a category in which all such food item may be present which may be useful as Baby Food. If we search in the soups category, then all such food items will appear which would be related to soups.

The independence here is that you can filter your results for more efficient search. Apart from this all you can share your results with others over the Internet using the Windows 8 Share Charm.

EatSmart- Share

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Key Features of EatSmart

  • Nice User Interface.
  • It is freely available in the Windows Store.
  • Keep a better watch on the Nutritional value of the food items you consume.
  • You can search from a database of 8000 food items.
  • Ability to filter your results better.
  • Share your results using the Windows 8 Share Charm.

My Final Say

According to my experience it was a good Windows 8 Health app. It provides you with Nutritional values and reports for almost all the food items that are mostly consumed. Plus that, it gives you the capability to share your results over the internet. All in all, it is a good app and deserves a try. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Get EatSmart here.