Windows 8 IQ Game App Free: Five Link

Five Link is a free Windows 8 IQ Game app in which you have to link five balls in sequence. In this computer v/s user game, you have to compete with computer and try to be the first to link five balls in sequence on a grid.

It is a simple yet highly addictive game with easy game controls. The computer takes the first turn and places a white ball on the grid. You have to place your black balls alternatively on the grid by tapping on it. You have to use your I.Q. and try to link your five balls in a sequence, be it in any direction. However, it’s not that simple as it sounds. The computer will not only try to beat you by linking its balls quicker but also block your way with its white balls. So, you can also use both these tricks to win the game.

Five Link - Game Play

Five Link is freely available under Games category of Windows Store. It can be downloaded directly from Windows Store using the link given below at the end.

Let’s have a quick look at this free Windows 8 IQ game.

Use your I.Q. and beat computer in this free Windows 8 IQ Game app:

As you launch the game, a grid will appear with Start button besides it. Below the Start button, you will see weekly top five rankings. These rankings get updated every week as the players submit their best scores to the app.

Five Link - Main screen

As you click on Start button, the computer will initiate the game by placing a white ball on the grid. You are assigned with black balls. On your turn, you have to alternatively place black balls by tapping on the grid at desired places. Try to link five of your balls in a sequence as quickly as you can.

The Start button converts to a clock that counts your time while you play the game. If you lose the game, the app will display option to play again. However, if you win, the app will confirm your victory and display time you took to beat the computer. It will also ask you to share your name and scores with the app.  Your scores might get displayed among the top five weekly rankings, if they happen to be.

Five Link - Scores

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 IQ Game App:

  • Free Windows 8 IQ Game app
  • Computer plays v/s user
  • Easy game controls
  • Displays weekly top five rankings
  • Easy to play

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My Verdict:

Five Link is a highly addictive game that you are surely going to enjoy. Nice game to kill your free time. Give it a try and share your feedback via comments.

Get Five Link here!