Windows 8 Free Adventure Game App: Ice Age Adventures

Ice Age Adventures is a free game for Windows 8 devices which is based on the Ice Age series of movies. The game has Sid as the main protagonist, and has all the cute lovable characters of Ice Age like the dinosaur babies, the mammoth, etc. The game has a series of various adventures that you embark upon to save your friends who were on a chunk of ice when it broke off from the island that you were on and floated away. In the process, you have to save various other animals like the white tiger babies, etc. as well.

Ice Age Adventures has various mini games like puzzles, running levels, etc. which you can complete to get rewards. Throughout the game, you will collect clamshells etc. as well. The game is available for free from the Windows App Store.

Main features of Ice Age Adventures for Windows 8:

When you install and launch the game, you will be shown a short movie. The movie has been created in HD, and features a talking animated Sid talking to the baby dinosaurs.

Ice Age Adventures Movie

You can skip the movie via the skip button at the top right. Once skipped, you will be taken to the main screen of the game where you will be asked to enter your age.

Ice Age Adventures Confirm Age

Click Accept, and the game will start. Once the game has started, you will be brought to the introduction screen of the game which is the dialogue between Sid, his friends and the baby dinosaurs, and here you will come to know what actually went wrong and how his friends drifted away from him. The introduction dialogues are voice accompanied and they can be skipped by clicking the small green arrow button at the end of each dialog.

Ice Age Adventures Game Introduction

Once skipped, you will be able to start the game’s gameplay. The gameplay is based on clicking on objects to reveal stuff like berries, acorns, etc.

Ice Age Adventures Gameplay

The entire game also has certain mini game levels to rescue baby white tigers, etc. The mini games will be started when you reach a mini game hot spot. You will be shown the controls of a mini game before it starts.

Ice Age Adventures Mini Game

The mini game’s gameplay is shown below.

Ice Age Adventures Mini Game gameplay

Once you are back to your island, you will be able to select the various levels from which you can choose to play. The levels get unlocked when you complete the previous levels, and you can select a level by swiping and selecting (clicking on) the island whose level you wish to play.

Ice Age Adventures Select Island

Each level requires you to spend a certain amount of berries to start, but don’t worry, as you start off with a large number of berries and you can also replay the old levels to gain more berries. Your remaining berries, sea shells and acorns will be shown at the top of the island selection screen.

In a nutshell, this sums up the basic features of the Ice Age Adventures game for Windows 8 devices. You can also check out the Star Wars Assault Team and Color Quest games for Windows 8 devices!


Ice Age Adventures is a very well designed game to which you’ll get addicted the moment you start playing it. The game has cute levels and awesome animations, and the only drawback that I feel the game has is that as you progress later on in the levels, you have to buy acorns and other stuff with real money to progress faster in the game. Also, the game has a large size, so you might want to watch out for your internet bills if you have a limited data internet connection!

I rate the game a 4.5 out of 5!

Get Ice Age Adventures.