Facebook Touch: Windows 8 Facebook Client App

Facebook Touch is a non official Facebook client for Windows 8. It’s a simple and fast Windows 8 Facebook client app that allows you experience a nice touch-optimizes interface for accessing Facebook on your Windows 8 device. You can easily located it under ‘Social’ section of Windows Store.

This Facebook Windows 8 app allows you to access your news feeds, chat with fiends, view profile, send & receive messages, view your friends list, view events, search people, pages and groups, and supports multiple customization.

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Accessing Facebook On Windows 8 Facebook Client App:

  • Soon after launching the app, you will be provided with the Facebook login Window.   Facebook-Touch
  • If English is not your primary then you can select the appropriate one by clicking on ‘More’ link placed in the lower-left section. Soon after login you will be taken to the page showing your Facebook feed. To access other option you will have to right-click on the blank region and a horizontal panel will appear in the panel to the right.     Facebook-Touch-windows-8-app
  • On the horizontal panel you will find different buttons.
    • News feed: Displays the content in your Facebook feed including images.
    • Profile: To view your own wall.
    • Chat: To populate list of online Facebook finds and sending messages.
    • Messages: To view the messages sent and received by you.
    • New messages: To compos a new message and send it to people, pages and groups.
    • Notifications: For accessing the recent notifications.
    • Events: To view recent, current , and upcoming Facebook events invitations.
    • Friends: To browse the list of your friends.
    • Search: search Facebook.
    • Settings: To control your privacy and other account management settings.


  • You cannot post images using Facebook Touch Windows 8 Facebook client.
  • In feed the text and images are left aligned and consume all horizontal space require you a lot of extra scrolling.
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To install Facebook Touch Windows 8 Facebook client on your machine. You will need to open this link Using internet explorer 10 or later. Then you can easily proceed by clicking on ‘View in Windows Store’ button placed on the top-left section. Installing this 186 Kb app will take a few seconds.

Facebook Touch is quite nice it not the best Windows 8 Facebook client. The official release is yet to arrive. Until, that time there appears no harm in trying this free Windows 8 App.