Windows 8 eBook Reader App: Alexandra Reader

Alexandra Reader is a free Windows 8 eBook reader app that lets you browse around various history book written by great authors. Not only can you read books at Windows 8 Alexandra Reader app, but also share your favorite ones with your friends via an email or through social media.

As you start-up with the newly installed app, it will display the author name at the top following with the popular books written by them. Now, if you click on any one, it will quickly show up the basic details of the book to help you decide as to which one do you want to continue reading. Lets me quickly name down the authors — Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Joseph Conrad, William Thackeray, George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and many more.

Once you have started reading a book, and now if you exit from the app, the recently read books will be displayed at the left side of the home page if you start with the app all over again.

The interesting part about this Windows 8 app is that you can personalize the font size, font name, change the color theme. For example: you can set the theme as Sepia, Blue-Gray, Brown, and the like. You can view the table of contents of the entire book. Now to bring all these features into action, just open an eBook?right click on anywhere on the screen, you will soon find all the options at the side of the screen.

If you want, you can also mark a book as “Pin to Start” to make it easier for you to continue reading without starting up with this Windows 8 eBook reader app all over again.

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How To Install Windows 8 eBook Reader App: Alexandra Reader

  • Go onto the Windows 8 store.
  • Head over to the “Books & Reference” category.
  • Click on “All Starts”
  • Look for “Alexandra Reader” and click on it to open.
  • At the left side, you will find the “Install” button. Click on it and wait for few seconds to get the app installed.

Yupp…there you are. You have successfully download the Windows 8 eBook reader app.