Windows 8 Drawing App To Create Animated Drawings: Create Animate

Create Animate is a free Windows 8 Drawing app that lets you draw images and animate them to have fun. The app enables you to make free-hand drawings and gives them an animated effect with a single click.

This free Windows 8 drawing app is simple to use and has a clean interface. You can select colors from the color palette. The pixel scale allows you to select thickness of pencil stroke from 1 to 6. You can make multiple drawings on the canvas and also choose a background for your canvas to make drawings.

Create Animate - Drawing an image

Create Animate is freely available in Education category of Windows Store. Use the link given at the end to view and download the app from Windows Store.

Use this free Windows 8 drawing app to draw and animate your drawings:

Create Animate is a single screen app with all the options displayed around the drawing canvas.

Create Animate - Main screen

On top of the drawing canvas, you will find options of Color Palette and Pixel Selection. Select Pixel and choose colors from the color palette to make your drawing. Click the mouse and move it to make your free-hand drawing.

Create Animate - Selecting background

You can select the background of your canvas before you draw. Once your drawing is complete, click on Play icon displayed on the bottom panel. The image will animate with a blinking effect. If you draw multiple images, all your images will blink in sequence. 

Key Features of this Free Windows 8 Drawing App:

  • Free Windows 8 drawing app
  • Enables you to make multiple free-hand drawings
  • Animate images you draw on the app’s canvas
  • Option to select background canvas
  • Option to select thickness of pencil stroke

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My Verdict:

Create Animate is a nice drawing app, capable of giving an animated effect to your drawings. You can make multiple free-hand drawings. However, you can’t save these drawings in the app or on your system; otherwise, it’s good, and a fun app for small children. Do give it a try and share your feedback in comments.

Get Create Animate here!