Windows 8 Christmas Game Free: Christmas Hunt

Christmas Hunt is a free Windows 8 Christmas game for kids and young children. The game is all about finding items like Christmas presents, cookies, ornaments, stockings, bells, wreaths, snowman, and Christmas trees for Santa and his Reindeer. The items are hidden on random places within a given scene, like on a hut or under a tree, and you would have to tap on each item to count it as being found.

There are total 12 levels in the game, and each level can be played individually. That means, all the levels are unlocked by default and can be played any number of times. There is no dependency of one level on another; the only thing is, the number of items and difficulty level might increase in some of the levels.

Christmas Hunt

Christmas Hunt can be found under the Games category in Windows Store, or can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article. Let’s get you a better idea on playing this game.

Help Santa and his Reindeer find Christmas Items in Christmas Hunt:

When you first launch this free Windows 8 Christmas game app, you would see a screen from where you can select the level to play.

Christmas Hunt - Start Screen

Any level can be chosen as all are unlocked for you. Clicking on the desired level would take you to the main screen of the game, where a Santa and his reindeer would be waiting for you on a place. Some items would be hidden which you need to find on the same place, and as I have mentioned you can do so just by tapping on the item. Your score would be displayed on the left panel and you can take as much time to find the items as you want.

Christmas Hunt - Gameplay

Once you finish up finding all items for a certain level, you would be applauded and promoted to continue for the next level.This way, you can continue playing till you finish all the levels in the game.

Christmas Hunt - Level Completion

Tip: The items are more prominent than the background, so finding them would be easy in some cases.

Key Features of this free Windows 8 Christmas Game:

  • Free Windows 8 Christmas game app.
  • Multiple levels to play.
  • No time limitations.
  • Very clear graphics.
  • Kids-friendly interface.
  • Funny sound effects on tapping Santa or his Reindeer.
  • Sound of claps after level completion.

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The Final Verdict:

Christmas Hunt is a nice free Windows 8 Christmas game to keep your kids busy this Christmas. The app allow kids to have fun and learn recognizing things side by side. All in all, Christmas Hunt is a complete fun and a perfect game app for your kids.

Click here to get Christmas Hunt.

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