Windows 8 Bowling Game Free: Trick Shot Bowling

Trick Shot Bowling is a free Windows 8 Bowling Game. This game can be played both with single, as well as multiple players. You can play with a maximum of 4 players. Trick Shot uses good quality graphics and sounds. Use from 24 unlockable balls having different weights, speeds, and hooks. You even have the ability to spin the ball.

This Windows 8 Bowling game is freely available in the Games category of the Windows Store.

Trick Shot Bowling

Let’s get you a better idea of this free Windows 8 Bowling Game.

Bowl in this Windows 8 Bowling Game

When you get to the main screen of this Windows 8 Bowling Game, the option to start a new game will be shown along with other things like options where you can change the controls of the game like its mouse sensitivity and sounds.

Trick Shot Bowling- Main Screen

Along with these, use the Tutorial button and you would be guided how to play this Windows 8 Bowling Game.

As you click the New Game button, you would be taken to the main screen of this Windows 8 Bowling Game, where you can choose the game type and the alley type. There are three game types for you to play here, namely, Classic game, Trick Shot, and Ramp/Blocks. Plus you can choose from Blue Alley, Shady lanes, and Pin palace as your bowling alley.

From the Player option, you can add the players to play this Windows 8 Bowling Game. You can add up to 4 players to play the game.

Trick Shot Bowling-Players

For each of the players, use the Change Ball option that is present alongside the name, to choose the Ball for that particular player. There are 24 different balls available in this Windows 8 Bowling Game, which differ with respect to their weight, speed, and hook.

Then, choose the number of frames (number of chances), that would be given to a particular player. As you choose the number of frames, the game will start.

To Bowl you have to use the left mouse button to hold the ball and drag the mouse towards the pins. When a trail appears in front of the ball, select the direction where you have to shoot, by using your mouse and then leave the mouse button to shoot. You can also change the position of the ball by dragging it to the left or right side. You can enable map and  guide arrows from the Option button on the main screen, and they will be shown while playing (the map on the left side ).

Trick Shot Bowling- Game

While plying game in Trick Shot Bowling, the score will be always shown on the upper left side of the playing area. Along with that, this Windows 8 Bowling Game also provide the option to pause the game anytime. Your entire score will be preserved and you can resume later on.

Trick Shot Bowling- Pause

When you have completed the entire score will be displayed.

Trick Shot Bowling- Final Score

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Key Features of Trick Shot Bowling

  • Nice Interface.
  • Ease of use.
  • 24 different balls to play.
  • Easy controls.
  • Availability of map and guide arrows to play easily.
  • Freely available in Windows Store.
  • Support to add a maximum of 4 players.
  • No need of Internet.

My Verdict

According as my experience, I liked the game very much. Try playing without the use of map and guide arrows and this Windows 8 Bowling Game will turn out to be more addictive. Try it for sure and share your experience with us.

Get Trick Shot Bowling here.