3 Free Windows 8 Apps To Find ATMs Nearby

Below are 3 free Windows 8 Apps to find ATMs within short distance from your current location. Those can be quite handy for people visiting new places they are not so familiar with. Suppose you were somewhere and suddenly felt requirement for cash. In such situation, the easiest way to obtain cash would be to visit the nearest ATM machine. The issue is that before fetching money you will need to locate an ATM. Now, you can use the app and accomplish the task easily instead of having to ask passersby. Have a look on the brief overview of following Window 8 apps to locate ATMs.

ATM Hunter


ATM Hunter is an app for your Windows 8 machine to locate ATMs at your current location. Not only your current location, but you can search for ATMs Worldwide for any location. In its upcoming version you will be able to search for PayPass supported location and places offering cash back offers. The best part is about the included Bing map to get free directions. To read more on ATM Hunter Windows 8 app, you can click here. To Download ATM Hunter, click here.

ATM Machines


ATM Machines is another Windows 8 app to locate ATMs within your reach. This free app is somewhat straightforward in its approach and automatically generates the list of ATM machines near your current location. Unlike ATM Hunter you will not be able to search for ATMs at other locations. In other words It is a dedicated ATM finder app. To get more information on ATM Machines Windows 8 app, you can click on this link.

Guide Me Free:


Guide Me Free is much more than just an app to locate ATMs nearby. This free Windows 8 app also lets you find banks, train stations, bars, hospitals, hotels, airports, meals, and cafe around you. It delivers you the flexibility to define a radius to scan for places falling within the periphery. Guide Me Free Windows 8 app is more advance in comparison to the ATM other locator app listed above. It provides options to search more types of places and is a directions app at same time. As per my very personal opinion Guide Me Free Windows 8 app is the best and to read more about it you can click here.

The three free Windows 8 Apps to find ATMs can help tourists and travelers in a happy and worry-free journey. All the apps listed above require permission to access your current location and the Internet connection.