Record Voice & Pen: Windows 8 App To Create Video Presentation

Record Voice & Pen is a  Windows 8 App to create video presentation in a quick and effective manner. This free Windows 8 app is likely to prove beneficial for teachers who aim at creating interactive tutorials for kids. Actually, Record Voice & Pen Windows 8 app is a combination of scribble app, audio recorder, and, screen recorder. You can scribble on screen in multiple colors and record your voice using a microphone. The recorded video presentation can be downloaded in mp4 format and then shared with others.

How To Create Video Presentation On Windows 8:

On launching this Windows 8 app for the first time, you will receive a prompt about the app to access your microphone. To proceed you will require to click on Allow button.ScreenShot166It is suggested that you connect your microphone prior to launching this free Windows 8 app to create video presentation. Otherwise, problem is likely to arrive.  Also, it must be noted that Voice & Pen Windows 8 app will not record anything until a microphone is plugged into the right jack.


The application window contains a button stating “Record Voice & Pen”. Click on it and in no time following interface will be presented in-front of you.

Next, you will need to click on the blinking button at bottom right section of the window. On doing so the color pallets and other options will be activated and then, you can get involved with creating / recording your video presentation.

It is necessary that you complete recording in a single go. To end recording, you will need to click on the red button at bottom-right. After doing so, you will be asked either to play recording, export it to mp4, or to begin a new recording.

On clicking over appropriate option, the applicable task will be performed for you.


Record Voice & Pen Windows 8 app can be easily located under “productivity” section of  Windows Store.  You can easily install it by  opening this link in any supported browser (IE 10 or advance, avoid Chrome). Then, click on “View in Windows Store” button. In no time you will be redirected to overview page. Finally, click on “Install” button and wait a while for downloading to complete. Record Voice & Pen is very light weight application.

As per my view, Record Voice & Pen Windows 8 app is useful as well and interesting. I recommend it wholeheartedly. You must consider giving it a try. It’s a simple and direct solution to create video presentation on Windows 8.  Another recommendation by my side is this Windows 8 App To Scan QR Code Via Webcam.